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What Exactly are our services?

Knucklehead K9 Services stands out from the others because we focus on building a strong, cohesive relationship with our clients that facilitates integrity, trust, confidence, and knowledge. We currently offer one on one in home dog training and behavioral modification programs, puppy training programs, off leash e-collar training program, individually structured training programs, as well as board and train programs.

Does your dog pull you down the street when you are trying to walk?
Does your dog get overly excited when you come home or when you have guests over at the house and jump all over you/them?
Does your puppy use your house as a place to relieve him/herself instead of going outside?
Does your dog stare at you when you ask him/her to sit or lay down?
Does your dog chew on everything? bark all the time? mark (pee) on furniture/other items?
Does your dog overreact towards other animals or people by barking and/or growling?

These sort of behaviors and many others, only cause stress and frustration and take out the enjoyment of dog ownership. Knucklehead K9 knows your needs and understands your frustrations which is why we waste no time in getting you results, quickly and reliably. Our training methods are about establishing positive relationships, effective communication, and ensuring consistency with everything we do between teaching the owners/family and training the dog(s).

Dog training is a team effort and it’s very important that the team (Owner, Dog, Trainer) are united in one effort. Knucklehead K9 Services takes your business seriously and wants to make the customer’s experience enjoyable, relaxed, and simplistic. We understand that by the time the owner calls a dog trainer, the owner has exhausted all other methods and needs assistance. Providing that assistance so that life with your dog is pleasurable not stressful is very important to us.
Go with Knucklehead K9 Services and have a dog trainer for life!!

Why Us?

Working with Knucklehead K9 Services brings a lot of advantages and perks.

In-Home training, we travel to you

1000+ dogs trained

Veteran Owned Business


in home training

We at Knucklehead K9 want to give your dog the best possible training. We focus on training only one dog at a time to give the dog the utmost attention. Whether your dog is a puppy or the oldest member of your family, we have training programs available for them. 

Dog Owner Reviews

We rescued a dog 3 weeks ago. Tony was very insightful and knowledgeable about the behavior of my dog. We did not retain his service because with verification from him we knew the behavior of our dog was going to be a lengthy process and was not going to work with our family. But he spoke with me for 1 1/2 hrs about my dog and his behavior and he was wonderful to deal with. After the dust settles as he said we will begin our search for our family dog and I know who I will contact if I find I need a trainer. Thank you so much Tony for listening to my concerns and validating a very difficult decision.

I would definitely recommend using Knucklehead K9 Services. He is extremely helpful and gives multiple suggestions to help with your personal situation with your dog. He responds quickly and obviously cares about making sure his clients are successful as they implement training techniques on their own. You should hire Knucklehead K9. You won’t be sorry

After just 1 session we have seen great improvement in how our dog reacts when we leave the house (she no longer scratches at the door or is destructive) and when we come home she no longer jumps on us. Tony provided some great information and easy to understand training tips that are working. Another plus is that Tony’s services are very affordable!

About the owner

Tony, owner and professional dog trainer, has over 20 years’ experience training dogs and graduated with honors from the Lackland Air Force Base, Military Working Dog, Dog Training Academy in Texas. Tony’s leadership and values instilled in him while serving in the United States Army, Military Police Corps for 26 years is the foundation for how Knucklehead K9 Services operates.

Tony resides in Lewisberry, Pa and is a proud Penn State fan, go Nittany Lions!!! He also owns two Pugs and a Pitbull (sounds like a children’s book). He loves the outdoors, enjoys fishing, hunting, spending time with his kids and most importantly, training dogs. Oh, he also has a great sense of humor too. Give Tony a call, he will be happy to hear from you!!

Who doesn’t enjoy working with dogs for one!!! 🙂 I enjoy the challenges as all dogs are different. I enjoy working with people and I especially enjoy watching their faces light up when their dogs do something they never thought they could do. Most importantly, I enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives as there are some real struggles out there in homes with dogs who have developed bad behaviors. To be able to help andif bring joy to their lives is very satisfying to me.

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