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Professional Dog Training Harrisburg, PA

Knucklehead K9 Services offers professional dog training services in home. We also offer puppy training programs, off leash e-collar training programs, individually structured training programs, and board & train programs.


Knucklehead K9 Services is a veteran owned professional dog training company that services Harrisburg, PA. We focus on building a strong, cohesive relationship with our clients that facilitates integrity, trust, confidence & knowledge. 

In Home Dog Training

Our In Home Dog Training program is a one- on-one dog training service. We drive out to you in your home in Harrisburg, PA to make your life easier & your dog more comfortable.

Puppy Training

Our one-on-one puppy training gets your brand new family member a comprehensive training session on becoming a well behaved best friend! Your puppy will be a new dog!

Off Leash E-Collar Training

Our Off Leash E-Collar dog training program is designed with your dog's wellness in mind. Once this program is finished, you can trust your dog will never leave your side.

Board & Train

Our Board & Train program is our most comprehensive training program. Your dog will stay with us & be worked with daily until the program is finished.

Dog Training Services in Harrisburg, PA

Knucklehead K9 Services is based out of New Cumberland, PA. We are an in-home dog training service that offers many different training styles to suit your dog’s needs. Reach out to us below to schedule with us!

In Home Dog Training Harrisburg PA

In Home Dog Training

Does your dog pull on the leash when you are trying to walk him? Get overly excited and jump on guests in your home? Theses are just a few examples of typical behavioral problems in dogs. Our one-on-one in home dog training program addresses these issues and many more. By coming to you, your dog will feel comfortable in their home environment. This also makes it way easier on your schedule to give your dog the attention he needs in regard to behavioral issues. Get in touch with us so we can setup a appointment between our trainer and your dog!

In Home Puppy Training

Is your puppy using your house to relieve themselves instead of going outside? Is your puppy chewing everything? Our one-on-one in home puppy training program services Harrisburg, PA. We come to you and your puppy to teach them proper behavior! Our training methods are about establishing positive relationships, effective communication, & ensuring consistency with everything we do between teaching the owners/family & training the dog(s).

Puppy Training Harrisburg PA
Off Leash Dog Training Harrisburg PA

Off Leash E-Collar Training

Whether your dog is just the family pup or a bird dog, your dog can always use Off Leash E-Collar Training.  Our Off Leash E-Collar Training utilizes an e-collar to teach your dog to respond to your commands so that you can confidently run your dog in a field. Off Leashing Training utilizes behavioral training to let your dog know that you are the alpha and to respond to your command at once. 

Board & Train Services

Board & Train dog training services is where your dog will stay with us for around the clock training. Our Board & Train program is a boot camp for your dog’s behavioral issues! Your dog will learn not to jump on guests, quiet down on command, eliminate rough play. Your dog will learn basic obedience, advanced commands, and much more! Contact us today to learn more about our Board & Train program for Harrisburg, PA clients.

Board & Train Services Harrisburg PA

About Knucklehead K9 Services

Professional Dog Trainer Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Tony, owner & professional dog trainer, has over 20 year’s experience training dogs & graduated with honors from the Lackland Air Force Base, Military Working Dog, Dog Training Academy in Texas. Tony’s leadership & values instilled in him while serving in the United States Army, Military Police Corps for 26 years is the foundation for how Knucklehead K9 Services operates. 

Tony resides in Lewisberry, PA & is a proud Penn State fan, go Nittany Lions!!! He also owns two Pugs & a Pitbull (sounds like a children’s book). He loves the outdoors, enjoys fishing, hunting, spending time with his kids & most importantly, training dogs. Oh, he also has a great sense of humor too. Give Tony a call, he will be happy to hear from you!

“Who doesn’t enjoy working with dogs for one! I enjoy the challenges as all dogs are different. I enjoy working with people & I especially enjoy watching their faces light up when their dogs do something they never thought they could do. Most importantly, I enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives as there are some real struggles out there in homes with dogs who have developed bad behaviors. To be able to help and bring joy to their lives is very satisfying to me.”

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